You can make a difference. We rely 100% on people like you to operate. Because we are an entirely volunteer lead organisation, we guarantee that your contribution will go directly to making a positive impact on women. 


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Your donation allows us to educate the masses and create new programming that will allow for the advancement of women. We seek the most constructive solutions to stopping human rights violations against women.

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We are constantly seeking new volunteers that can dedicate their time and energy to eradicating violations of women's rights. Check out our vacancies page to learn more.


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Fundraise for Us

Interested in fundraising for International Women’s Initiative? Here are some ideas to get you started!

Host a Bake Sale

Love to bake? Bring a batch of brownies or a cake into the office and sell a slice for a pound. Each £1 will help to improve women’s rights around the world.

Run for Rights

Planning to do a fun run? Why not run for a great cause? Get friends and family to sponsor you for every mile/kilometre and donate the funds to our Safe Birthing Programme. £1 allows IWI to give a birthing kit to a woman in rural Uganda.

Fundraise in Your Community Group

Are you a part of a community group (church, Rotary, etc.)? Share more about what we do at IWI with your group and ask them to help improve the status of women’s rights.

Have Another Idea?  LEt us know!

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