International Women’s Initiative’s programming strives to ensure that women around the world are able to exercise all of their human rights in accordance with international human rights law.


The Human Project seeks to raise awareness of, and increase the prevention of trafficking in women and girls for any purpose. In its initial phase, The Human Project is examining regional and country level issues in trafficking, and will be producing reports aimed at raising awareness of the types of trafficking women and girls face.

TEchHUMANity research PROJECT

In collaboration with our partner Liberty Asia, we are undertaking research into the role of mobile technology in reaching the victims (and the vulnerable) of human trafficking.


audioroar with poppy damon

A monthly series, AudioRoar brings you the views of IWI reporter and podcast host Poppy Damon, who will bring you the voices of brave women worldwide and look at those campaigning for change.


The Safe Birthing Programme enables women to access their fundamental rights to reproductive healthcare. Working in the Amolatar District of Northern Uganda, IWI is providing birthing kits to local health centres to increase sanitation practices for mothers during birth.

women rise up!

A movement is happening.  Share your story of empowerment against abuse to help stop the cycle and inspire women to take the lead in the narrative of their lives.