The Partnerships Team is instrumental in the growth of IWI.  One of the fundamental beliefs of IWI is that to help women realise their human rights, it is mandatory that the fight be shared.  By working in partnership with organisations and women living in the communities being served, the more likely change will happen.



Director of Partnerships

Christy currently works for the UK government as a policy advisor, striving to create a more inclusive economy in Britain. Previously she worked for Zurich Insurance as an Underwriter, and played a key leadership role in their national women's network - winning a Rising Stars in the City award for her work. Christy has a Masters degree in Sociology from the LSE and a first-class degree also in Sociology from the University of Nottingham.



Deputy Director of Partnerships

Ashley holds a BA in Women’s Studies and Political Science (McGill University) a Master’s degree in Human Rights (London School of Economics). Her academic research centres on women’s human rights with an emphasis on the disjuncture between legal rhetoric and women’s lived realities. Having worked at various NGO’s she has been avidly involved women’s advocacy projects in Trinidad and Tobago, and Canada. Ashley is currently reading for a Law degree at Cambridge University.


The Partnerships Team is currently looking for Research Assistants.  If you are interested please forward your CV and cover letter, or for more information, to