Temperatures finally drop in India after blistering heatwave kills 2000

By Emma Husband, Staff Writer

Nearly 2000 people have died in India due to a heatwave in which temperatures have hit 117 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to international disaster database, EM-DAT, this is the second highest number of deaths recorded in India as a result of hot conditions.

In Delhi, roads have been melting, while southern states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have had the most casualties because of high overnight temperatures and humid conditions which have given people little chance to recover. Homeless people and those from poorer communities have been the hardest hit, as they have struggled to find shelter from the relentless rays.

Indeed, despite the scorching conditions, many people have still been working out in the open, desperately trying to provide for their families. Some women in a village near Delhi have been out in the fields, working for just $4 a day.

An education campaign has been rolled out by the government in order to raise awareness of how to stay cool and safe in the searing temperatures, advising people to stay indoors and drink plenty of water. Hospital resources are stretched and there have been multiple power cuts because of the surge in demand for air-conditioning.

There is reportedly some reprieve in the forecast today, as temperatures resist the heights of the past week and pre-monsoon showers are expected by Friday.