Turkish Singer Shot in the Head at Home

By Emma Husband, Staff Writer

A contestant on a Turkish TV talent show has been shot in the head while practising at home.

19 year old Mutlu Kaya, who has been competing on Sesi Çok Güzel, similar to Britain's Got Talent, is in a critical condition after the shooting. The bullet was believed to have be fired through the back window of her home which she shares with her family.

Kaya is from the Kurdish majority south-east of the country, and had received death threats for appearing on the show, where one of Turkey's best know folk singers, Sibel Can, is her mentor.

In Diyarbakir, where the attack took place, the women's movement is actually very prominent. Political representation is almost at 50% and the city's mayor is a woman.

Despite this, conservative forces are still active and women are often expected to play traditional roles. Kaya is from a poorer area where these pressures can be more prevalent.

Earlier this year, protests broke across out across Turkey after the murder and attempted rape of 20 year old Özgecan Aslan by a bus driver. There is an ongoing call for tougher punishments for perpetrators of violence against women; for every story about female Kurdish freedom fighters from Turkey or Syria, there are many more about women killed by their husbands. The situation for women in Turkey is complex, with the specificities of religion, race, tradition and socio-economic status all playing a role.

Kaya is still in hospital and it is believed that her ex-boyfriend has been charged with the attack.